If you do not have cash, personal loans can help you solve unexpected expenses, regardless of the level of income you have. You can obtain a loan or personal credit for many reasons, including making an improvement in your home or an important purchase, or paying a debt that is generating interest.


But what exactly are personal credits?

personal credits

Personal loans are debts that are not guaranteed by a car or a mortgage. Hence its name: an entity lends money to a person, and in general that person must present certain guarantees. In traditional banks they use a credit score to determine if they will give you a personal loan and at what interest rate. Depending on the credit history, interest rates on personal loans can be very high. Therefore, the ideal is to request a personal credit when you intend to cancel urgently.


What is the difference between a personal credit and a credit card?

credit cards

Credit cards do not have a fixed payment term and the interest rate is usually variable. On the contrary, personal loans are lent to certain terms and the interest is, in general, fixed. Therefore, when you apply for a personal loan you will receive an amount in advance and then you will pay the money in regular monthly installments.


What are the risks of requesting a personal credit?

credit score

Unlike a credit card, a personal loan has to be paid in a certain time. The good thing about this is that you are going to pay your debt faster and it cannot become a vicious circle. But be careful: if the loan is not repaid within the stipulated term, you can end up paying much more than you initially thought.

Also, if you don’t go to an approved institution, you run the risk of being scammed, there are some out there that use fake advertising to attract customers. How do they do that? With an agreement for a false loan, that is to say that they ask you for an advance payment for an alleged commission but the credit money never appears. Once you transfer the money, the scammers leave with your money and personal information.


Where can I ask for a personal credit?

personal credit

To get your personal loan, you can go to a bank, wait your turn, fill out applications, meet requirements, and then pray for the award of the money. Or you can make it easier and use the advantages of the Internet.

At present, micro loans are in vogue, although not everything is the same, of course. Micro loans, or fast loans, are small credits that are granted online with minimum requirements. You will have seen a proliferation of these companies by advertisements on the Internet or on the street. The difference with Stark is its seriousness, its effectiveness and, in particular, how easy and convenient it is to request and return a personal loan. You just have to enter the website, fill out a form with your data, as if you were taking out an email account, and then wait for the requested money to be deposited. No one will ask you for anything strange, just a bank account in your name.


How much money can be requested for a personal loan at Stark?

personal loan

In Stark you can immediately obtain a personal credit that goes from 1000 to 8000 dollars. You set the amount. Then it is returned after 30 days, or more if you request an extension.

As you will see, Stark’s quick loans are small, which will prevent you from getting into debt and entering a circle that will harm your economy.


What requirements do I need to request a personal credit at Stark?

loan requirements

The requirements that Stark asks for are very, very simple:

  1. That you have more than 19 years
  2. That you are Argentine or resident in Argentina
  3. That you are an employee or monotributista


Reasons to request a personal credit:

personal credit:

Here we tell you what are the reasons that people have to access a personal credit:

  • Unify the payment of debts. If you come from a difficult time where you accumulated debts, take out a loan or personal credit to settle them with different creditors, and different payment dates, it can be a great option. In this way, you can curb the interests that are running in each entity where you have your debts, and make your life easier by paying the monthly installments of the personal loan you took out for that purpose.

  • Pay credit cards. As is known, banks offer their credit card products that allow you to finance your purchases and expenses. Each bank and each card has its own benefits, and not all stores or businesses provide the same benefits for all alike. This can be a very good reason to have different credit cards. However, in order to do so you will have to have a very orderly administration of your personal economy.